Apparently I have a blog…

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.
-Arthur Ashe 

Did you just get an email informing you Cooktestant was back from the dead with a brand new post on her woefully neglected blog? Well, it is true, but don’t get too excited. Deciding to start back up a cooking blog less than two months before my impending nuptials is probably the most ridiculous idea I have had in quite some time, right up there with thinking I would make a good red head… I was going to provide a picture, but lucky for you this was in the pre-Facebook era, but should I feel particularly self-loathing this evening I will share.

Blogging has been calling, well whispering is probably more accurate, to me over the past two and a half years, but embarking on the commitment to document, edit, and post everyday is daunting to say the least. Not to mention, since I last posted I have:

A) Changed Jobs – I left the crazy, hectic world of hospitality to for the different, but still crazy world of nonprofits. I love the work we do in the community, but truth be told, I love the girls I work with even more.  As you can see below there are a lot of us. Some have come and some have gone which just grows our circle more and more.

B) Bought a house! – I know I should have a picture that I didn’t steal from Google Maps, but I just got a new phone and I don’t currently have access to my old photos. We made a lot of cosmetic changes, and still have several to go. Whoever thought a tile mosaic mountain range counter top and back splash was a good idea should be forced to clean my counter every night as punishment.

Home Sweet Home

C) Got engaged!!! – I told you a lot of things happened!  As mentioned above, we are getting married in January and it is wedding crunch time. I am mildly drowning in craft projects and the stress of getting everything all together, but luckily I have amazing friends a family who help carry the load. I can’t wait to share pictures when it is over, as know it will be a beautiful event thanks to my mom and Becky (otherwise known as my design team).


As for what you can expect from Cooktestant going forward, nothing. No, not really. My goal is to enter 4 contests a month, share what I have been making in my everyday life, my quest to make the perfect biscuit, and general life updates. I am going to give it a shot, and I would love to have you follow along as I reclaim my blog.

Contest To Be Entered This Month:

Blueberries Meet Their Match entry due 11/30

Details: Entries must include fresh or frozen blueberries and coconut, balsamic, bananas, or rosemary.

Plan of Attack: My initial thought is to make a Faux Berry Biscuit, or a play on Bojangles famous Bo-Berry Biscuit. I am thinking of changing up the normal glaze and using balsamic, or using a sweet potato biscuit recipe, but replacing the sweet potato with banana.

Your Best Brussels Sprouts Recipe presented by Whole Foods entry due 12/1

Details: Win over brussels sprout hates and turn them into true believers.

Plan of Attack: I am a little unsure on what to do, mostly because I have never met a brussels sprout I didn’t love. I was introduced to my beloved brussels at a young age, and used them as a conveyor for “sauce” a delightful, don’t want to know how the sausage is made kind of mock hollandaise creation. Using my mom’s genius technique, I am thinking simply roasted sprout with a robust sauce, or I could put cheese on them, everyone loves cheese.

Cookoff Before Kickoff Recipe Contest entry due 12/8

Details: Create a tailgate dish inspired by your favorite team’s rivalry.

Plan of Attack: Orange. Okay, that isn’t a plan of attack, it is just a color. I could attempt a purple dish, but that just sounds bizarre, so I will stick with orange. I think it is safe to say there will be chicken involved as well as our biggest rival are the University of South Carolina Gamecocks. No concrete ideas here, so stay tuned! Hopefully I will be inspired after this weekend 😉 Speaking of inspiration, my favorite Gamecock just recommended going with more of a state theme, ala, pecans, grits, or sweet tea.

Hidden Valley Dip Envy Mix. Share. Vote. Win. Dip Contest entry due 12/21

Details: Create a dip using Hidden Valley Ranch Dip and Tabasco Sauce

Plan of Attack: With such a strong flavor profile set in place by the ranch and Tabasco this could prove to be a bit challenging. Off the top of my head I am leaning towards using the chipotle Tabasco and incorporating avocado so it is a hopefully good weird ranch/guacamole love child. Or a corn dip, because I feel like a love for ranch and a love for corn go hand-in-hand…just me? K.


Alrighty, I think that is all for now folks. Till we meet again, which is hopefully sooner rather than later!