Mini Cornbread

The air was crisp
Like sunny late winter days
A springtime yawning high in the haze
And I felt like I belonged
Come with me
– Wilco

Day two of operation chili cook off is well underway. Not only did I find out I am an official entrant into the Palladium Society’s Chili Cook off, but I also baked all of my cornbread, all 128 mini muffins of it, to be exact.

128 Bits of Spicy Cornbread Wonderfulness

It is kind of amazing how insignificant 128 mini cornbreads seem to be. I have enough ingredients to probably make an additional 10 batches, except for corn. I might go back and make another 2 batches just so I have enough. Lesson learned when making spicy upside-down cornbread (as outlined in a previous post), only add the chili flakes every other go round. Not all of the pepper was absorbed into the mini breads, but with each batch they got spicier and spicier. Personally, I don’t mind the extra heat, but I will make mention of the cornbread’s spicy nature at the competition.

In order to miniaturize my original recipe, I basically followed it to a tee, only I put a little bit of butter and red pepper flakes into the muffin tins and put them in the oven for 5 minutes while I whipped up the batter.

Buttery Goodness

I used my newly acquired, for the Taste of Lake Murray competition, nonstick mini cupcake pans to make itty bitty baby cornbreads.

Minature = Cute

I filled the tray 3/4 of the way full with my yummy, corny cornbread mixture . Which is of course made from both a wet batter composed of egg, buttermilk (from SC), and corn…

The Wet

and the wild, I mean dry ingredients. I used Adluh corn meal and flour which has been icon in my youth, mostly because there is a giant neon sign in the middle of downtown that alerts everyone to our local milling excellence.

The Dry

And there you have the yummiest little cornbreads the world will ever know. Hopefully, yummy cornbread will make up for the years of experience I lack going into this competition. I did manage to ease my nerves with Dogfish Head’s Sah’tea beer.


Dog Fish Head rocks my world!

I first started falling in love with their beer when I watched Beer Wars, a great documentary about the interworkings of the beer industry on Netflix. If you haven’t seen this movie please do, you will never, ever, ever want to drink a Bud again, and I actually don’t think I have since. Unfortunately, we don’t get Dogfish Head in Columbia, but lucky for me Greenville does. This weekend I picked up a special brew  that has chai and juniper, so delish! I can’t wait to go back to G’vegas and snag another, or actually, I can’t wait until they distribute here, but I won’t hold my breath.

Have a wonderful Humpday everyone. Please don’t hesitate to post a comment, I have changed the comment guidelines and you no longer have to log in, so please take advantage of my lax rules and let me know what you think. Thanks!

Also please take the time to vote so I know what cupcake to make next Thursday and test run tomorrow!


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