The Nitty Gritty…

Hold your own

Know your own name

And go your own way

And everything will be fine

-Jason Mraz

This blog is being brought to you live from The Thirsty Fellow.

The Thirsty Fellow

That’s right. That makes me the girl at the bar, or in this case the booth, who is typing away and staring in an overly concerned manner at her computer screen. This is dedication! While I sip on my Allagash White I am going to go over the details of what is involved in entering the Chili Competition and what I will be working on in the next few days.

Allagash White

I have decided the chili I am going to make is….LOCOvore Chili. Incase you are not yet hip to my super witty puns, that would be a chili sourcing local ingredients. The most important thing I need to do in the next few days is find which local ingredients I am going to use. The Certified SC website is a great place for South Carolinians to go and find where and what they can buy locally.

Certified SC



The keys to my chili will be ground beef, beans, tomatoes , peppers and corn. The only thing that I am nearly 100% sure I can’t find locally is the beans. Otherwise, I am going to check the various local farmers markets and Piggly Wiggly for what I can use in my LocoVore chili. I love Piggly Wiggly because when work and other commitments cause me to miss out on farmers markets I can always go to the Pig who I know will always have a great variety of locally grown products. In the summer you can always count on them to have the best peaches, outside of a roadside stand that is.

The Pig!



Probably the scariest aspect about this whole venture is that not only do I have to feed 100 people, but I have to keep it warm. Looks like someone will be taking a trip to Wally World soon to buy a few new crock-pots, and that someone’s name starts with a C and ends with an ooktestant.

On the fun end of logistics, I have decisions to make regarding condiments and table decor. Now that I have shared with everyone my favorite cornbread I just don’t think its fair to not have cornbread to serve with the chili. As I recall pretty much every booth had crackers for use in their chili, some had cheese, and some had gold fish (which is brilliant, btw). I feel like a good cornbread (obviously in crouton size portions) would set me apart from the crowd. Additionally, I want to continue the local theme in my hot sauce by using Palmetto Pepper Potions Trenholm Venom.

Trenhom Venom



Decorations will just have to wait to be decided, but I am thinking a large LocoVore sign, and descriptions of all of the farms that the ingredients are from. If you have any stellar ideas, please do not hesitate to share, I can use al the help I can get.

Alright, its time to put the computer away and be social, but before I do I just wanted to share with everyone the most awesome sounding recipe I have ever found! While checking all of my personal favorite food related blogs today I stumbled upon Avacado Fries over at A Cozy Kitchen. You can thank me later.

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