There will be cooking…

My faith in things unseen,
My belief that it’ll all work out
May seem like a strange cup of tea,
but if its all right with you then its all
Right with me  – Sister Hazel

There will be cooking. I promise!

Life has been a little crazy as of late, my well laid plans of cooking and photographing scrumptious dishes have gone by the wayside. But it will happen and soon. Think tomorrow!

I have been pondering the multitudinous chili variations all day. My thoughts have lead me to three options: Traditional with a twist, White Chicken Chili (thanks Amanda), and Sustainable Chili.


Traditional Chili

What I consider traditional chili includes beans, ground beef/turkey, and is tomato based. My twist on traditional chili usually includes extra veggies, no ketchup (at all), 4 different types of beans at the very least, and usually ground lean turkey. Not so sure what my show stopping twist will be; possibly an asian persuasion or super veggie overload. You will just have to wait and see!


The Mysterious White Chili

White chili is new to me. I think I might have had it maybe one day long ago in a galaxy far away. I am intrigued by white chili because I love chicken and I love white beans. Bring on the Cannellini, Great Northern or Navy beans! Bringing such a visually distinctively chili to the table might be an advantage.


Sustainable Chili?

The winner, at least in my head right now, would be a sustainable chili, using only ingredients grown in SC. Last week I finally dragged my sleepy behind out of bed to make it to the All Local Farmers Market at 701 Whaley, and I was blown away. I really think if I am to go the gimmick route, and I hate to think about supporting the local economy as a gimmick, this is the most relevant and merited. This weekend I am going to cruise the market and see what I can gather for the chili.

I should probably stock up on beano as I plan to subject family and friends to a weekend o’chili. Hopefully I will be able to test all three styles and find the most popular that I can spend the rest of the time perfecting.

But for now it is my favorite time of the week…